By Delia / Last update March 2, 2022

After the transition to Chromium, Microsoft is gradually migrating the great PDF features from the classic Edge to the new version of Microsoft Edge browser. After adding a series of features such as PDF screenshots (Web capture), Microsoft has provided a full-screen mode for PDF documents in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary.

pdf capture

Edge Canary v100 provides full-screen mode for PDF documents

Edge Insiders have found that Microsoft Edge Canary v100 adds a full-screen mode optimized for PDF files. Full-screen mode is usually preferred for presentations, and selecting this mode ensures that only the PDF file is visible on the entire screen, even hiding the PDF reader toolbar. This full-screen mode is indicated by a diagonal bidirectional arrow, and the icon is currently located within the PDF Reader toolbar itself.

enter pdf full screem

In addition to the above features, Microsoft is also testing a new menu, which includes options to hide comments and view document properties.

All features are currently available in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary, which is the main development version of the browser and will be the first to get features for interested users and developers to test. You can expect Edge 100 to enter the stable channel with these new features in the coming months.

And for Canary and Dev users, updates are available by selecting Menu > Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge.