By Delia / Last update December 27, 2021

Windows 11 has been officially released for some time, and many of users may have experienced the changes in this latest generation system. Microsoft has added many new features in Windows 11, such as widgets.

The widgets button is fixed in the taskbar by default, users can click it to call out the widget panel, customize the settings, add or delete widgets.

windows 11 widgets

With dynamic tiles out of history, Microsoft may be trying to let widgets take over the job, so that users can intuitively understand information without opening apps.

However, the actual experience of widgets is not satisfactory. First of all, widgets will affect the system performance, many users have feedback that the widget panel lags. Second, Win11 is still in the initial stage, and the number of current widgets is quite small, only weather, sports, photos, news, etc.

In addition, the integration between widgets and system is relatively low - tapping widgets will jump to web pages instead of system apps, so many people will want to uninstall (or at least hide) Windows 11 widgets after using it for a while. Here's how.

Hide the widgets icon

The main source of people's displeasure with Windows 11 widget comes from the fact that it takes up a valuable spot on the taskbar without being heavy enough to be functional.

To hide it is actually very simple. Open the Settings panel, go to “Personalization” “Taskbar items”, you can find the switch of the taskbar item in it, and toggle “widget” off.

disable widgets

Uninstall Win11 widgets

Hiding the widget icon can't solve all the problems, such as resource consumption. The widget will continue to take up resources in the background, so if you really don’t need it at all, you can uninstall it.

To uninstall Windows 11 widget, you can open "Command Prompt" in Windows Terminal or run CMD with administrator privileges, and type the following command.

winget uninstall MicrosoftWindows.Client.WebExperience_cw5n1h2txyewy

Press Enter and the Win11 widget will be uninstalled.

If you want to reinstall Win11 widget, then you can execute the following command:

winget install 9MSSGKG348SP

In fact, this is not the first attempt of Microsoft to build widgets into the system (such as Windows Vista and Windows 7), but from the results it did not show its indispensable importance in Windows - and the same goes for Windows 11. If you think it affects your use, try the above method to disable it.