By Delia / Last update March 4, 2022

Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, and it has been optimized and modified a lot in addition to the interface and various settings. As new computers with Windows 11 pre-installed are released and old users choose to upgrade to Windows 11, more and more users are using this new system.

windows 11

However, when setting up Windows 11 for the first time, you have to make an Internet connection and enter your Microsoft account to complete all the steps. This is obviously bad news for those who do not want to use a Microsoft account or do not have an Internet connection. And together with the update after connecting to the network, it usually takes more than 30 minutes to enter the system desktop.

The limitation actually already exists in Windows 10 Home Edition, and Microsoft also enforced this requirement last year for Windows 11 Home Edition. If you really want to skip the Internet setup step, you can try the following method.

Install and setup Windows 11 Home without network connection

1. First enter the system activation screen in the normal way, and when the screen prompts that you need to connect to your network, press Shift + F10 on your keyboard to enter the Command Prompt screen.

let's connect you to a network

2. Type and execute "taskmgr" to open Task Manager.

3. Under the "Processes" tab, find "NetworkConnectionFlow", then end the process and go back to the activation screen.

kill network connection flow process

*If you can't open the task manager, you can also choose to close the network connection process directly by typing the following command in the dos window:


kill network connection command

This should allow you to skip the Internet setup and continue with Windows 11 setup.

Windows 11 Pro will require Internet connection and MSA soon

So far, the Internet connection setup on initial installation has been limited to Windows 11 Home, but in the recently launched Windows 11 Preview Build 22557, Microsoft announced that Pro users will also face the same requirement of an Internet connection to log in to a Microsoft account. And based on feedback from some users, it seems that the above method of bypassing Internet connection is not working either.

The change is being tested in the Windows Insider Program and it is not yet known when it will be pushed out to all devices. At this stage, the average user should still be able to bypass Windows 11 network connection by ending the "NetworkConnectionFlow" process.b