By Delia / Last update January 5, 2022

The majority of digital computer enthusiasts know that updating the BIOS of the motherboard is risky and generally requires a reboot of the system after the update, but technology is always moving forward, and this situation may change in the future.


Intel engineers are testing the "PFRUT" project

Recently Intel engineers are testing the "PFRUT" project, the advantages and benefits of the project is that the implementation of the motherboard UEFI or BIOS update, without the need to reboot the system, that is, you can do a "seamless update" in the system (such as under Windows).


This is indeed good news and a huge step forward. For ordinary public and personal users, after updating the motherboard BIOS reboot the computer is not a very troublesome problem, but for those who need to support the business for a long time, need to work 7X24 hours of servers and data centers, the machine cannot simply reboot.

A reboot of a large server means that the services provided will be temporarily interrupted, and the large number of users who are performing operations will not be able to run their services properly, prompting errors, etc. The user experience will be very bad, even though it may be short-lived, and as a large vendor, this situation must be avoided at all costs.

The project can be implemented on Windows system in the future

The underlying driver functionality is part of the industry wide ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface) specification and is therefore highly compatible, meaning that the project can be implemented on Windows systems in the future.

bios menu

PFRUT is "fully" implemented by the Windows (or Linux) system to update the BIOS, whereas the current traditional update method is that the Windows system only uploads the BIOS and then reboots the computer.

The specific BIOS update process is performed by the corresponding program in the motherboard, and then restart the computer after the BIOS update is completed, in order to enter the Windows system, which is tedious, while the new way of updating the entire process can be performed in the Windows system, so there is no need to restart the computer.

Now, the project is still in the early experimental stage, from the official commercial, promote to the general consumer level is still very early, stay tuned it.