By Delia / Last update January 11, 2022

Sometimes you may want to pin a specific app to the top for quick reference without having to switch back and forth between windows. A new update to Microsoft's open source tool, PowerToys, includes the "Always on Top" feature on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

PowerToys' new feature, as the name implies, allows users to keep their application in Windows on top of the desktop at all times, even when another application is open. Windows Calculator is one of the few apps that has built-in support for "Always on Top" and now with PowerToys you can experience this feature on all apps. Now with PowerToys, you can experience this feature on all apps.

always on top

Always on Top at a glance

This new feature comes with PowerToys version 0.53.1 and can be activated with the Win + Ctrl + T shortcut, but only when PowerToys is running in the background. This is because PowerToys is not built into the OS and users must allow the application to run in the background and on startup.

If you want to customize the visual profile then go to PowerToys settings. In the settings, users can customize the outline of the app window and use different colors or turn off the outline altogether.

The PowerToys advanced settings page even allows users to exclude some apps from this new multitasking feature. If you want to exit PowerToys Always on Top, then simply close the application window or use the above keyboard shortcut.

always on top settings

Search feature PowerToys Run

PowerToys' macOS Spotlight-like search feature "PowerToys Run" finally supports web searches. Currently, PowerToys Run is limited to local search results, but it has been updated to support web searches.

PowerToys Run is faster than Windows Search, and in addition, it can accurately search the web. To use only PowerToys Run's web engine feature, just use the ? filter in your search query.

When using the ?? in your search query, PowerToys will only show results from the web.

powertoys run

PowerToys v0.53 is now available for download from GitHub and the Microsoft Store