By Delia / Last update December 21, 2021

Google plans to launch a Google Play Games app next year that will allow Google Play games to run on Windows laptops, tablets and PCs.

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Google Play Games will be available on Windows

Since the arrival of the ARM architecture's M-series processors on the Mac, Apple has apparently accelerated the pace of mobile app compatibility to the desktop, with most iOS apps now running on Macs with M-series chips.

It is no coincidence that Windows 11, which is officially launched this year, also starts to support Android applications. Microsoft cooperates with Amazon to add an Android app store inside Windows 11, allowing users to install Android apps through this app store.

However, this store is not in cooperation with Google Play, the world's largest Android app store, which makes its content richness is greatly reduced. And according to The Verge, Google seems to be interested in changing this status quo.

In the just concluded TGA game awards event, Google announced that it will launch a native Windows program Google Play Games in 2022, thus enabling local running of Android games on PC, Win tablet and other devices.

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Google want good Android games to support Windows PC

According to Google, they want good Android games to run not only on cell phones, tablets, Chromebooks, but also support Windows PC. but they also stressed that their Windows game program is developed independently without Microsoft or other manufacturers' participation, and is not tied to Windows 11.

Obviously, Google, which manages Android, knows how to optimize Android games, and the pain points about GPU acceleration, large screen, touch and keyboard and mouse are expected to be solved faster after adapting Windows, and there is also the experience accumulated on Chromebooks for reference.

Compared with Apple's strategy of stepping up all-platform integration, Google and Microsoft present more of a complementary relationship. We know that Microsoft has failed to enter the mobile field many times in the past, and Google's ChromeOS, though performing well in the education market, is still dwarfed in front of Windows and macOS. Let's wait and see how big the market will be for Android games on Windows in the future.