By Delia / Last update January 27, 2022

In Windows 11, Microsoft not only dropped support for many processors with some performance, but also limited the OS to hardware with TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module 2.0).

Unlike the controversial processor requirements, TPM 2.0 licensing is not really a big deal for most users, as most modern devices have this security feature. On AMD systems, TPM is also known as "fTPM", which is a security module implemented in the system firmware rather than a dedicated chip. fTPM is easy to enable on AMD systems, but for some configurations, enabling this feature seems to cause performance issues.

amd ftpm

The TPM implementation is straightforward and a large number of Intel users are using it, but there are some issues with AMD's implementation, most notably audio glitches and lagging game frame rates. Interestingly, this issue appears to be due to compatibility issues between AMD's fTPM and Windows, rather than a bug in the new OS.

Windows 11 fTPM bug causes performance degradation

As some users have investigated and analyzed, enabling fTPM may cripple the performance of the device, causing you to experience lag when playing games on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

This issue has been documented by some users on the Feedback Center, Reddit, and other forums. The bug does not affect all computers that have been upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and seems to only appear on certain specific devices. According to reports, this issue will not make your device unusable, as these lags only last a few seconds and occur randomly.

How to fix the Windows 11 lagging problem caused by fTPM

It is recommended to uninstall Windows 11 and turn off fTPM on Windows 10 to see if that fixes the stuttering issue. While you can also turn off fTPM on Windows 11, it may have a detrimental effect as some games will not run on the new OS without TPM.

There is also a possibility that a bug in Windows 11 is causing the problem, so if you are experiencing lag while playing games, you should consider reinstalling Windows 10 or waiting for Microsoft and AMD to respond and release an updated fix patch.