By Delia / Last update December 24, 2021

Windows 10 has undergone many changes and improvements since it first came out, making it a mature operating system. Now that Windows 11 has been released, many users still don't want to give up the familiar features and interface, or are still waiting to see what happens. It is conceivable that Windows 10 will still be the most mainstream operating system for quite some time in the future. So, have you tried these very convenient, but not necessarily known features of Win10?

Edge voice reading

edge voice reading

One of the major updates of Win10 20H2 lies in Edge browser, which has switched to Chromium kernel and made substantial progress in its functions. Among them, the built-in voice reading in Edge browser is a very amazing function.

It seems that voice reading technology is not uncommon nowadays, but the quality of Edge browser is so high that it is very rare.

Edge's voice reading function highlights Microsoft's accumulation in the field of artificial intelligence over the years, at least in the field of text-to-speech conversion, which is indeed ahead of its rivals. If you like to read e-books, but have no time to watch the screen, Edge voice reading will definitely bring you a surprise.

Wireless screen mirroring

screen casting

This is a feature that has existed in Win10 for a long time, but has been ignored. On the technical basis, Win10's wireless screen casting may not be very advanced, but the actual experience is surprisingly good.

Let's talk about what this feature can do. As the name implies, it allows the screen content to be transferred via wireless network and projected onto another screen without any cables. This comes in handy when you have two computers, such as a desktop and a laptop. You can have your laptop act as a second screen for your desktop, and you can enjoy dual screens without buying an extra monitor, which is great for graphic design, video editing and even development programming.

Win10 wireless screen casting is very easy to use, press the shortcut key "Win+P", you can open the PROJECT panel and choose to cast the screen content, or accept screen projection from other devices. Whether it's stability or efficiency, or ease of use, Win10's wireless screen casting has achieved a very high level.

Remote desktop

remote desktop

This is a god feature that experienced Windows users know. As the name implies, the function of remote desktop is to operate another computer remotely, in fact, there are many software with similar functions on the market. But why is Win10 or Windows Remote Desktop especially worth mentioning? Because its performance is really excellent.

Win10's Remote Desktop is different from many third-party software. Third-party remote desktop software usually transmits the screen through streaming media, while Win10 remote desktop delivers commands through the RDP protocol, which is much more efficient. Even if the network speed is slow enough to calculate KB, Win10 remote desktop can still work, and when the network speed is good, operating a distant computer even gives you the illusion of operating the current computer, which is a performance that third-party remote desktop software can hardly have.

With the efficient remote desktop, Win10 also makes a very good remote assistance function "Quick Assistant". Have a problem with the other computer? In the system search directly find "Quick Assistant", and then use the generated "security code", you can easily achieve remote assistance. This remote desktop-based function is little known, but in fact, the role is very large, you can use more live.

Of course, Win10's remote desktop also has disadvantages. If you use it directly, then you need point-to-point to establish a connection, which requires both computers to have a public IP port. Currently, due to the lack of IPV4 addresses, operators generally use NAT to access home networks, and public IPs are becoming increasingly rare, a situation that may change after IPV6 becomes popular.

Your phone

your phone

Your phone is a built-in application in Win10, which enables you to experience the pleasure of seamless connection between cell phone and PC.

When both Android phones and Win10 PCs have the Your Phone app installed, the magic chemistry happens. You can use your PC to receive calls from your phone, check your phone's text messages, receive notifications from your phone, and even operate your phone directly on your PC.

Microsoft has released new systems, but Windows 10 still has the highest market share. Before you finally decide to upgrade to Windows 11, you can take full advantage of these Windows 10 features.