By Dervish / Last update December 30, 2021

According to the news, Microsoft plans to use Windows Terminal as the default terminal in Windows 11 in 2022 to get rid of the inconsistent experience.

Kayla Cinnamon, Microsoft Windows Terminal project manager, announced on the blog that it will start with the Windows Insider Program in 2022 and gradually advance to all Windows 11 users.

Windows Terminal v1.11.2921.0 (official version) and v1.12.2931.0 (preview version) have been manually set as the default terminal. After that, whether it is CMD or PowerShell, it will run in the new Windows Terminal.

In addition, Microsoft today released Windows Terminal v1.11.3471.0 (official version) and Windows Terminal Preview v1.12.3472.0 (preview version).

Windows Terminal v1.11.3471.0 official version:


Comes with Cascadia Code 2111.01 font


The default terminal option can work on computers without Visual C++ Redistributable

Splitting non-focused tabs will no longer show display errors

UI related fixes:

When using Win+ ↓ in full screen mode, the window frame will appear correctly

When showTabsInTitleBar is set to false, the information prompt will no longer cover the tab

The detected URL will no longer be offset by complex unicode characters on the same line

Windows Terminal Preview v1.12.3472.0 preview version:

Comes with Cascadia Code 2111.01 font

In Windows 11, the terminal now supports the "Align Layout" function

GetConsoleCommandHistoryLengthA will respond with the correct length

The opacity slider can be displayed correctly

Fixed the error of printing hexadecimal error codes with negative signs

Closing becomes more reliable

The measured URL will no longer be offset by complex unicode characters on the same line