By Dervish / Last update February 9, 2022

Many users can't find the "Win" key when using the computer. This tutorial aims to teach you how to find the "Win" key on the keyboard.

Which key is Win on the keyboard?

The "Win" key is usually located in the lower left corner of the keyboard, next to the "CTRL" and "ALT" function keys, but if it is a laptop, there will also be a "Fn" key in the middle, and some keyboards have "Win" The keys are not written in English, but have a "window" pattern similar to "Tianzi", which is the same as the Windows system icon. As shown below:


The function of the "Win" key

The "Win" key is one of the most important function keys in the Windows system, and almost all shortcuts are related to it. Taking "Windows 10 system" as an example, the most common running shortcuts are "Win+R", and the most common shortcut keys are "Win+R". The commonly used shortcut menu "Win+X" requires the "Win" keyboard. As shown below:

Shortcut key combination for "Win" key

Next, let's talk about the combination shortcut keys related to the "Win" key, as follows:

  • Press the Win key alone:  show or hide the Start menu;
  • Win+BREAK: Display the "System Properties" dialog;
  • Win+D: Display the desktop or restore the desktop;
  • Windows+M: Minimize all windows
  • Win+Shift+M: restore the minimized window;
  • Win+E: Open "My Computer";
  • Win+F: Find files or folders;
  • Win+CTRL+F: find computer;
  • Win+F1: Display Windows "Help";
  • Win+R: Open the "Run" dialog;
  • Win+U: Open "Utilities Manager";
  • Win+L: Lock the computer (new in Windows XP);
  • Win press and hold +Tab: open application switching, stereo effect (win7 system support);
  • Win +ALT+F4: Windows shutdown window.

In addition, there are some shortcut methods, but generally do not use the "Win" key, the most commonly used is the combination of Win and X, R.