By Dervish / Last update February 14, 2022

Windows Defender, the free antivirus software that comes with Windows, has always been well received. Recently, a security researcher with the account CISOwithHoodie noticed that Microsoft made an important change in the permissions of the software, which will further improve its security in the future.

It is reported that Microsoft has recently made very important changes to the permissions of Windows Defender. Previously, excluded folders and directories were visible to "everyone". Therefore, criminals can easily obtain detailed information by visiting the registry address.

After this update, it was modified so that only people with administrative rights can view the excluded files and folders. Even a forcible command-line query of the registry to find excluded files will pop up an error message to inform the user that access is denied.

After this update, Windows Defender's protection strategy will also be further extended to the registry. It will be more difficult for ordinary users outside the authority to obtain detailed file information, to conduct malicious intrusions. The security protection ability can be described as a new level. So Windows Defender makes it harder to bypass Windows 11 detection programs.

In addition, Microsoft is also planning to update Windows Defender. The new version of Defender will be based on a network component (WebView) transformation, which will help consumers master antivirus, malware scanning, phishing, leaked passwords and other information. The new version of Defender is described in the official application store as a security medication that can reassure users. Microsoft said that the new Defender will have a personalized meter, and users can check the security status of Windows devices and other devices from anywhere.

Microsoft has released an early preview of the new version of Windows Defender, and it is clear that it will enter the Windows Insider program for users to test in the coming weeks. According to media sources, the preview version of the new version of Windows Defender was updated earlier today to support Microsoft account login.

It is understood that the current preview version of the new version of Windows Defender can only be used in the United States, and most of the functions have not been completed. This is obviously not a product that can be officially launched. According to the code, the new version of Windows Defender is code-named Gibraltar, and it has been serving Microsoft internal staff for some time.

Windows Lastest did some research and found that this new version of Defender may not completely replace the current Defender in Windows. Unlike the current Defender, the new version of Defender only covers a variety of basic security features, and it should be a status meter, not the body of a malware removal tool.

From what has been discussed above, so Windows Defender makes it harder to bypass Windows 11 detection programs.