By Dervish / Last update January 11, 2022

The time has come to 2022. In July of this year, Win11 will usher in the first year of its release. At that time, Microsoft will bring users a one-year anniversary gift-the first anniversary of WIn11 update.

It is understood that the first anniversary update of Win11 is internally named "Sun Valley 2", and its meaning is similar to the annual update of Win10 that year. At present, Win11 is in urgent need of a series of improvements, and this update is of great significance.

Sun Valley 2 or 22H2 version will bring many important improvements of Win11, making the system faster, smoother and more modern.

In the new version, Win UI will be more closely integrated with other parts of the operating system. For example, Windows Run with dark mode may appear in this version, and other new native applications can be expected at the same time.

The most obvious improvement in the new version of Win11 will be the return of the drag-and-drop fixed function of the taskbar. At present, the taskbar redesigned by Win11 does not support the operation of directly dragging and dropping icons and files to the taskbar. In addition, the function of the taskbar right-click menu has almost been cut.

At the same time, the taskbar is also fixed at the bottom of the screen and cannot be moved to the top or sides of the screen. These changes have attracted considerable feedback, and Microsoft is listening to opinions to make improvements.

According to estimates, 22H2 will add support for drag-and-drop on the taskbar, and we should be able to see the return of this feature in the developer preview that will arrive later.

Generally speaking, the developer preview version is a branch of Win11 development. At present, you can already see the taskbar drag and drop function in a certain branch.

In addition, Microsoft also plans to add more customization options for the start menu in the 22H2 version of Win11. Users can pin more applications or suggestions on the start menu.

In addition to design improvements, there will also be some key changes within the system. For example, the new version of Win11's Android subsystem and the ability to manage snapshots will usher in important improvements, and many pages of the settings panel will also be changed. The system provides users with more control panel options in the settings.

Win11 22H2 will also support more integrated gadgets. At present, Win11 has integrated Microsoft to-do, Microsoft weather, news and interest news sources, etc. These gadgets have actually appeared in Win10.

As part of 22H2 "Sun Valley 2" improvements, Win11 will support third-party gadgets. The system will provide new APIs to allow third-party developers to develop system gadgets. It is reported that some companies have begun to take action in gadget development.

Win11's support for gadgets is actually similar to the Vista system. However, Win11 gadgets will be integrated into a fixed panel. It is currently unknown whether restrictions will be released in the future.