By Dervish / Last update January 10, 2022

With the arrival of the Windows 11 Preview Build 22518 version, we can experience more new features, such as Spotlight (collection of desktop pictures), Voice Access, etc. There is also a small change in the system, Widgets in the taskbar (Small widget) There is a new entry.

Next, I will introduce these important changes, as well as how to use the functions!

1. Spotlight (collection of desktop pictures)

The Spotlight function can automatically change the computer's lock screen and desktop wallpaper and can show you the world on the desktop. Every day, you will receive selected desktop pictures from all over the world, as well as interesting stories behind each picture.

Enabling method: Right-click on the desktop-Personalization-Background, and select Spotlight series.

After the Spotlight function is enabled, the desktop wallpaper will change to a new one, and a Spotlight icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Hover the mouse over the icon to get information about the picture.

If you don’t like the current wallpaper, right-click the Spotlight icon and select "Switch to the next picture", or if you don’t like this picture, the system will improve the user’s wallpaper experience on the desktop and display different Spotlight images.

2. Voice Access

The Voice Access function can help users control the PC by voice. You need to turn on Settings—Accessibility—Voice, turn on the "Voice Access" function, and then you will be prompted to download the voice model (used to understand the user's commands).

After the download is successful, follow the guide to complete the setup process.

The Voice Access function supports scenes such as opening and switching applications, browsing web pages, editing text and reading, and does not require manual operation by the user.

Unfortunately, this feature currently only supports English-American languages.

If you want to open an application, you need to say "Open xxx", such as "Open Word", "Open Edge";

Click on an element, "Click xxx", such as "Click Start", "Click Cancel"...

3. New entry for taskbar widgets

In the Win11 Preview Build 22518 version, the left side of the taskbar is no longer blank. Microsoft moved the "Widgets entry point" here. This button displays the current weather conditions and temperature.

Users can also open the widget panel by hovering the mouse over the entry point, where they can access not only climate information, but also information and other information.