By Dervish / Last update January 6, 2022

The taskbar of Win11 is one of the most controversial designs in the new system. Microsoft refactored the code of the Windows taskbar, but some mechanisms have been widely criticized. Now, news says that Microsoft is listening to feedback, and the preview version of Win11 will fix some annoying issues.


Unlike previous versions of Windows, the taskbar of Win11 is constructed using modern XAML code and calls Win UI controls.


This taskbar is made from scratch. Some of its features are completely different from before. For example, it does not support drag and drop operations, and users cannot change the position of the taskbar. Many users like to place the taskbar on the top or side of the screen, but Win11 The taskbar cannot do this.

In addition, Win11's taskbar also has other known issues, for example, the taskbar may flicker when trying to switch input methods.


For another example, when the mouse is hovering over the taskbar icon, a pop-up taskbar tooltip appears. This prompt may appear in an unexpected position. And when the mouse hovers over the icon in the corner of the taskbar, the taskbar tooltip may not appear.


The user pointed out in the feedback center that this problem is related to the operation of quickly hovering the mouse over multiple icons, which will block the tooltip pop-up action of the taskbar, so that the taskbar will display the pop-up at an inappropriate timing and position.


Fortunately, Microsoft has made changes to the operating system to improve the reliability of the taskbar, and the fix is ​​currently included in the preview version.


In addition, in Win11, there are also errors in the battery display. Sometimes the battery level will be displayed higher than 100%, the user recorded this situation in the feedback center. In fact, this is also a bug in the Win11 taskbar, and Microsoft now provides a fix in the latest preview version.


Microsoft mentioned in the release notes for Windows 11 Build 22523 that "the battery icon tooltip no longer accidentally displays a percentage higher than 100".


At the same time, Microsoft is internally testing support for drag and drop on the taskbar.


The Win11 taskbar experience is too bad! Microsoft is trying hard to fix the problem.

Currently, Win11 cancels the drag-and-drop feature of the taskbar. Users cannot drag applications or icons to the taskbar to fix them directly, nor can they drag a file to the application icon on the taskbar to open it.


This makes many users feel dissatisfied, and Microsoft began to re-add this feature to Win11. According to sources, this feature will return to Windows 11 22H2, which means that we may need to see this feature in the second half of next year.