By Dervish / Last update February 9, 2022

In November last year, Microsoft announced that it would replace Groove Music with a new Media Player. Previously, the app was only available to developers, but recently, Microsoft has further opened its permissions to beta users in the beta channel.

It is reported that Microsoft made a small update to its Windows 11 Media Player blog, saying that the new media player will be launched for users testing the Windows 11 Beta channel.

The Media Player will adopt a new interface design, which is consistent with the design style of Windows 11. Plus it includes a full-featured music library, allowing quick browsing and playback of music, creation and management of playlists, and more. It also supports rich artist images, album art, allows browsing, managing and watching local videos and more.

Also, Media Player doesn't replace the original Movies & TV app, which means you can still use the Movies & TV app after installing it.

As long as you're a beta tester, you can check for updates in the Microsoft Store to get the latest apps, but once installed, it'll replace the original Groove Music app, but the Movies and TV apps won't be affected.

Don't worry if you're an old Groove user, your music collection will also be automatically migrated to the new app for your convenience.