By Dervish / Last update January 17, 2022

Recently, Microsoft pushed Windows 11 KB5009566 to all users, which is part of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday program. While pushing the new patch, Microsoft also announced the offline installation package and direct download link of Windows 11 KB5009566, and anyone can manually patch the system by installing the MSU package.

The main content of this Tuesday Patch is related to security fixes and system improvements. The optional December 2021 update was skipped due to Microsoft's previous Christmas and New Year's vacation. If you're still using the November 2021 patch, you'll also get the December 2021 fix after installing this January 2022 Tuesday Patch.

This Win11 update will introduce new emojis. According to the developers, the new emojis are designed using Fluent Design, so they look very modern. These emojis will only appear in Win11, Win10 and before. 's system does not introduce these emojis.

It's important to note that these emojis arrive as the last major update in Windows 11 testing, and Microsoft has been testing the new emoji designs for a while. In addition to the design update, Microsoft has also introduced the classic paperclip emoji to Windows 11, a signature element of Microsoft's previous Office suite.

In terms of security fixes, Windows 11 KB5009566 fixes a number of issues, but the official update log is rather vague. When checking for updates, you will only see prompts such as "update security". At the same time, Microsoft also said that there are no known issues with the new patch.

In addition to cumulative updates, Microsoft has brought new content to Windows 11 elsewhere, such as a new media player to replace Groove Music. This new media player looks like an integration of Groove Music and TV and Movies apps, and it appears to be positioned as a successor to Groove Music rather than a successor to Windows Media Player.

The new media player, which debuted in late 2021, was first revealed unexpectedly during a livestream. Now, the media player is out of beta and can be used on Windows 11 Build 22000+.

Through the Microsoft App Store, you can install a new media player that will replace Groove Music. Unlike Groove, the media player uses a color scheme that manages black and white + orange. This combination is called "Zest", and Microsoft also allows users to switch to the system theme color decoration in future versions.

The new media player is compatible with Groove Music's database, and also supports HDR. However, it will not focus on professional video playback, nor will it replace the status of professional players such as VLC.