By Dervish / Last update December 24, 2021

Date and time returned to multiple displays.

Compared with Windows 10, the taskbar of Windows 11 is a huge step backward, and Microsoft is currently starting to improve it. One update that Windows Insiders is currently testing is to make the taskbar on the monitor display the clock and date. This is a change that users can observe, because many people can only use this feature in Windows 11 if they have installed a third-party program like ElevenClock on their PC.

I don't like the Windows 11 taskbar at all, so I am very happy to see that Microsoft is improving it. We also hope to have such an improvement: drag and drop files onto the taskbar application and general customization options.

In other places, Microsoft has also upgraded the Start menu in Windows 11. In the latest 22509 Insider versions, the start menu can display more pins or more recommended. This makes the start menu more adaptable, although many Windows 11 clients also select external applications here.

This version of Windows 11 also includes more upgrades to the settings application. From the initial criticism, to the current continuous optimization. I hope Windows 11 will become better and better.