By Dervish / Last update December 31, 2021

The latest Microsoft Edge is excellent and better than programs such as Google Chrome, but I don’t think everyone will give up Chrome or Firefox to use it. There is no doubt that you can change the default browser in Windows 10 or even Windows 11 at will, but features such as Windows Search or Windows Widget will ignore your third-party browser.

Currently, if you use Chrome or Firefox as your default browser and plan to open a link from a local program, this will undoubtedly open Edge. This is because Microsoft set the URL prefix "microsoft-edge:" to enable certain functions to be opened in Microsoft Edge, regardless of whether you set other third-party software as the default browser.

For example, Windows gadgets, Windows search, Microsoft Store or some other functions in the system are all applicable. Some users think that Microsoft's behavior of ignoring your default browser when opening certain links is very offensive.

Fortunately, an external application called "EdgeDeflector" allows users to open connections in their default program instead of Microsoft Edge. It circumvents Microsoft’s internal settings and circumvents the Windows connection to open in Chrome, Firefox, or some other program.

For example, if you open news through a Windows widget, the news will be opened in your regular browser.

Microsoft abandoned Windows 11's Edge solution

In all respects, Microsoft's Edge strategy has become more and more powerful. Because it has forced Edge to perform certain tasks, regardless of whether the user has opinions.

Since the release of Windows 11 KB5008215, you can no longer open links in the third-party browser of your choice. The operating system has been adjusted to prevent the use of programs such as EdgeDeflector.

This move may cause many users to comment, because most of them use Chrome as the default browser.

Microsoft emphasized the release notes for the optional cumulative update for November 2021. According to the instructions, Microsoft has fixed the problem that the operating system may be incorrectly redirected when "microsoft-edge: link is called".

As expected, this change is included in the Windows 11 security update.

It is very important for us to understand that Microsoft will not force all links to be opened in Microsoft Edge. Because it may only affect links in Microsoft products.