By Dervish / Last update January 24, 2022

On January 20, 2022, Microsoft released a new preview version of Windows 11 to Insider members of the Dev channel this morning, with the operating system version number Build 22538.

In terms of new functions, the biggest adjustment is to further improve and optimize voice access, and the touch keyboard fully realizes digital instructions. It is reported that the voice access function was launched for the first time in Build 22518, mainly serving people with disabilities.


In terms of updates and changes, the new weather widget is pushed to all test members, the selected items in ALT + TAB are accented with the theme color, the lock screen interface enables a new input method box and touches keyboard design, and additional voice packs can be downloaded for voice access to improve recognition efficiency, the Hyper-V second-generation virtual machine adds HTTPS startup support by default, and can directly perform display calibration in Settings - Display - HDR.


In addition, the version also fixes bugs that existed for a long time, such as resource management flashback and volume adjustment crashes.

New features:

Microsoft introduced voice access in Build 22518. Voice Access is a new experience for controlling your PC with just your voice. In today's build, Microsoft is offering some Voice Access updates for Windows Insiders.

Voice access using the touch keyboard:

When the user turns on the voice access function, as you can see from the screenshot, numbers appear on all the keys of the touch keyboard.

Users can do the following by voice:

Spell words such as names and email addresses.

Enter numbers, such as phone numbers and addresses.

Enter punctuation and symbols.

Enter emoji.

Just say "Click [number]" to simulate pressing a key. Say "Show keyboard" or "Hide keyboard" to toggle the touch keyboard on/off.

Changes and improvements:

The taskbar weather widget entry, first introduced in Build 22518, should now be available to all Windows Insiders in the Dev channel.

In ALT+TAB, Task View, and Snap Assist, the focus rectangle showing the selection will now use the accent color selected on the PC.

The updated IME (input method) and touch keyboard design will now appear on the lock screen and where account information such as username and password is entered. This change is currently rolling out to some users.

Started rolling out Voice Typing, a downloadable voice pack from the Microsoft Store that enables device-based speech recognition for better transcription performance.

An attempt is being made to improve the discoverability of certain input functions in various areas of the operating system.

If necessary, you can directly visit ncpa.cpl again.

Added HTTPS boot for Hyper-V Gen 2 VMs, which is currently enabled by default.

Display calibration can now be done directly under Settings > Display > HDR without having to open a separate Settings page.