By Dervish / Last update February 14, 2022

The computer blue screen is believed to be encountered by almost all friends who have used the computer in front of the screen, and even the latest version of Windows 11 released by Microsoft cannot avoid this problem. Although the phenomenon of blue screen is very common, there are many reasons for blue screen.

This is like the same illness, but the part of the illness is different. The same is true for the blue screen of the computer. It is the same blue screen but the causes and solutions to the blue screen are completely different.

How to determine the cause of the computer blue screen? This article will show you several common blue screen codes and provide you with methods on how to fix Windows 11 blue screen via CMD.


If you see the blue screen code is "MACHINE-CHECK-EXCEPTION", it means that the cause of the computer blue screen is the overclocking of the CPU.

The solution is also very simple, start the automatic repair function, after repairing the system error, lower the CPU back to the factory frequency. Don't overclock again, it's best not to use software that is too large or those that test CPU overclocking and the like.

Blue screen codes: 0x0000007E, Ox0000008E

If the blue screen code is "0x0000007E, Ox0000008E", it means that your computer may have a virus, or memory corruption and poor contact.

When encountering this kind of blue screen problem, press and hold F8 to enter the safe mode, and the system will be disinfected. At the same time, you can try to re-plug and unplug the memory. According to the author's experience, the probability of memory corruption in the blue screen problem of this group of codes is not high.

Blue screen code: Ox000000D1

If the blue screen code appears "Ox000000D1", it means that the cause is generally related to the graphics card, and the high probability is that the graphics card is damaged or an incompatible graphics card driver is installed.

​​​​The solution to this kind of problem is to download a graphics card driver from the official website and try it. If it still doesn't work, if the host has an integrated graphics card, you can try it with the integrated graphics card, or directly unplug the graphics card.

Blue screen code: Ox00000OED

If the blue screen code appears "Ox00000OED", it means that the cause of the blue screen is mainly related to the hard disk and the system. Among them, the probability of system damage is relatively high, while the probability of hard disk damage is relatively small, and there may be a problem with the volume.

​This problem can be solved by simply reinstalling the system or replacing the hard drive.

Blue screen code: 0x0000001A

The cause of this blue screen code is likely to be caused by the heat of a brand-name memory stick, and this blue screen problem will be relatively troublesome to solve.

First of all, to eliminate hardware failures and memory failures, start with the memory stick, and then make sure that the memory is not damaged, unplug the memory stick and wipe it, and then plug it back in with a high probability to solve the problem.

​​​If the computer is using two RAMs, try unplugging one RAM. If the blue screen problem has not been solved, check whether the hard disk is faulty, check whether there is a problem in the data, and then try to format the hard disk.

Blue screen code: Ox0000000A

If the blue screen code of "Ox0000000A" appears, there is a high probability that there is a conflict in the computer driver, and there are many problems with the graphics card and the chipset.

The solution to this problem is to go into safe mode, remove recent updates and installed graphics card and motherboard drivers. The specific operation is to return to the desktop interface of the computer, click the computer icon on the desktop, and select the management option in the drop-down menu.

​Open the computer management interface, click Event Viewer - Manage Events Summary in the left window once, determine which driver has the error, and after identifying the faulty driver, manually uninstall the driver.

If it is a computer compatibility problem, you can use the system diagnostic tool to test to see if there is a compatibility problem with the hardware and drivers.

These are several common causes of Windows 11 blue screen problems, this article explains how to fix Windows 11 blue screen via CMD for you, if you encounter Windows 11, please try.