By Dervish / Last update December 24, 2021

Mica brings some extra UI flash, no performance impact

Windows 11 will benefit from more visual effects because Microsoft is said to be extending the influence of Mica to more applications in the operating system.

The latest version of Windows recognizes this. For starters, the mica theme is a blur effect applied to windows and title bars, so you can see the background of the workspace through it. Although it is a peculiar effect, the difference is not noticeable, as Microsoft clarified that "it only samples the desktop wallpaper once to create its visualization".

This means that performance is hardly affected, and the general idea is to add some gloss to the desktop without any delay, especially in the case of less hardware.

Reddit's customers praised the existence of Mica in Microsoft Word, and as the latest Windows notification, Mica has recently become familiar with the feedback center and the title bar of the reminder application in the Windows 11 review work. This effect currently exists in certain central Windows 11 applications, such as drawing, photos, calculator, and Edge programs.

Survey: Mica can also help you focus

So, the plan seems to be the gradual introduction of Mica more widely in Microsoft's core Windows 11 (and Office) applications. This is not a terrible thing, considering that you get additional UI touches without affecting performance.

Obviously, the company must not take any measures to slow down the new operating system. Recall that Microsoft is busy playing the drums for a year and how it will work in the display of the central interface components in Windows 11. This means solving some of the thorny issues surrounding the file explorer, which have been a problem for some customers.

Equally important, Mica is not only good-looking in design. Microsoft has asked Mica to focus on the applications currently in use, because for open inactive applications, Windows will switch back to a pure neutral color to provide a reasonable distinction for dynamic applications.