By Dervish / Last update February 10, 2022

There are multiple versions of Win10, and each version is suitable for different people. So which version of Win10 is most suitable for playing games? The following will introduce to you the differences between the various versions of Win10, and which version is the most suitable for playing games.

Which versions of Windows 10 are suitable for playing games

The main version of win10 is:

  • Windows 10 Home Edition (Windows 10 Home)
  • Windows 10 Professional (Windows 10 Pro)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise (Windows 10 Enterprise)
  • Windows 10 Education (Windows 10 Education)
  • Windows 10 Mobile (Windows 10 Mobile)
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
  • Windows 10 IoT Core (mainly for IoT devices)

These versions are almost the same in performance, the main difference is that they are aimed at different users, and some functions included will also be different. There is no need to make too much of a difference when it comes to gaming.

How to choose the best Win10 version for playing games

Many users think that the win10 home version is very good. Indeed, the win10 home version is smooth and fast, and it is the best choice for individual users to install. On the contrary, some users feel that the functions of the win10 home version are not comprehensive enough is a headache.

The second is the win10 enterprise version. This version is not much different from the win10 education version. It contains all the functions of the professional version, and also meets the needs of some enterprise users. However, some functions are missing and are not suitable for gamers. It also takes up space.

Win10 1909 Professional Edition can be said to be stable enough, which is very suitable for technology enthusiasts and gamers. A series of enhancement technologies are built into the system, which are both smooth and stable. The author has not experienced any major problems so far. Common automatic update phenomenon (any version has).

If you just use it to play games and watch TV, win10 professional version and win10 home version are good choices. If you want to make the game run smoothly and comfortably, the most important thing is to look at the hardware configuration. In terms of system, these two The money is more than enough.


For those who love to play games, you can choose win10 Home Edition or Professional Edition. These two versions are enough to play games. If you want better fluency, it is recommended to upgrade your hardware.