By Dervish / Last update February 9, 2022

When using the win10 system, I often encounter requests to update the computer, but sometimes the progress of the win10 update is suddenly stuck. What can I do? How to solve it? Come and see the detailed solution tutorial. 

What should I do if the win10 update is stuck?

Method 1. Fix problem via Windows Update

1. Press the [win] + [R] key combination on the keyboard to open the run window, then enter [services.msc] and click OK to open.

2. Then find the [Windows Update] service option in the list and double-click to open it.

3. Then set the startup type to [Disabled], and click [Stop] at the bottom.

Method 2. Fix problem via CMD

1. Press the [Win] + [x] key combination on the keyboard, and select [Command Prompt (Admin)] to open it.

2. Then directly enter the command [netsh winsock reset] and press the Enter key to reset the network.