By Dervish / Last update January 21, 2022

When Microsoft announced the launch of win11, it thought that the "dominant" position of win10 was about to be occupied. However, win11 seems to be a little "unreliable", and bugs appear at every turn. Microsoft releases new test versions almost every month to optimize and repair the system.

Therefore, according to the current situation, compared with win11, win10 system still has the upper hand. So is it better to install win10 on the current computer? Or is it better to install win7?

Users who use win7 and win10 systems hold half of each, and the two systems are equally well-received. Let's choose by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of win7 and win10.

The biggest advantage of Win7 system is stability, strong compatibility with hardware and low memory usage.

From the perspective of privacy protection, some functions in the win10 system involve the collection of user information, while the win7 system does not integrate the "collect user information" function, so it will not automatically collect user information like win10.

However, the win7 system has been retired for a long time, and Microsoft has completely stopped security updates and feature updates to the system. From the current point of view, some win7 computers will be as prone to blue screen of death as XP, and the installed software also needs additional patches to support.

The win10 system is a rising star, and Microsoft has upgraded in all aspects. System security and compatibility are higher, functions are more abundant, and the design is more user-friendly.

Some of the system's function settings are also different from win7. If you are used to win7, you may not be able to adapt to the operability of win10 for a while.

In general, Win7 is Microsoft's classic operating system, and it is very smooth to use, but with the development, the Windows system has brought forth new ones. For many large office software and game applications, it is obviously better to use win10.

Of course, the fluency of the system is also related to the configuration of the computer.

The higher the CPU version, the faster the general system will run, and the higher the system requirements.

If your computer CPU is below the sixth generation, it is more suitable to choose win7. If the computer configuration is too low, it is not suitable to run win10, it will make the system more stuck; if it is more than six generations, it is more suitable to decide win10.