By Dervish / Last update February 9, 2022

When we are preparing to install and upgrade the win10 version of the operating system on our computer, we may encounter the situation that we do not know how to choose the system for the type of system version that Microsoft has been launching. So for the question of which is better between win102004 and 1909, I think the configuration requirements of these two systems are not very high, mainly depends on our respective needs. Let's see what the editor has to say~

Windows 10 2004 Frequently Asked Questions

win102004 and 1909 which is better

A: Both win10 2004 and 1909 belong to win10, there is no essential difference, so you can choose according to personal preference.

1. Win102004 is newer than win101909 in function, but the difference is not big.

2. In terms of configuration requirements, there is almost no difference between win102004 and win101909, and they can be compatible with each other.


Win10 2004 system features:

1. Cortana becomes an independent application

1. In the 2004 version of win10, Cortana will be separated from the system search function.

2. Users can open it directly in the application, and will no longer encounter the problem of popping up when searching.

3. Cortana will be displayed in the window software, supporting free drag and drop on the desktop, and choose the appropriate placement position.

2. Improve the disk usage of Windows Search

1. In the previous win10, users raised the problem of high disk and CPU usage, so Microsoft modified it.

2. The 2004 version of win10 will better select the high-frequency usage time and stagger the usage time, thereby improving the efficiency of disk usage.

3. Search Home quick search

1. More quick search functions are provided on the search, including weather, date, latest news events, etc.

2. It also has today in history, which will automatically display 4 major events that happened today in history for users.

4. Display web page preview in search results

1. Users can now preview web pages directly in the search results, no longer need to open it to see the content.

5. More color text

1. Users can use the Win+ symbol to use emoji.

2. The 2004 version of win10 users has added more emojis to use input.