By Dervish / Last update December 27, 2021

After the release of Windows 11 in October, Microsoft immediately released Windows 11 SE in early November, which is a new operating system for educational purposes. As Microsoft pointed out, Windows 11 SE is aimed at students and educators, hoping to provide children with a pure learning environment.

This is not the first education-centric operating system designed by Microsoft. Windows 10 S is the student-oriented model in Windows 10. But Microsoft said that Windows 10 S only prevents users from downloading certain applications. Compared with Windows 10 S, Windows 11 SE is a different operating system, with special emphasis on remote management.

After schools across the United States understand the importance of online education, a software-qualified system is very important for students. Microsoft developed Windows 11 SE based on this.

What is Windows 11 SE?

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 SE is a cloud-first operating system, suitable for K-8 classrooms, with a simple design and controlled applications. Since the program is classroom-centric, you may not find it in the store. All things considered, Windows 11 SE is pre-installed on specific Microsoft devices.

Can you introduce Windows 11 SE on your home PC?

Sorry not, you can't upgrade to Windows SE the same way you upgrade to Windows 11. You can only purchase related computer equipment with this system installed.

Which applications are suitable for Windows 11 SE?

Most programs of Microsoft Office, Teams, Minecraft for Education and OneNote are pre-installed on Windows 11 SE, and other applications such as Google Chrome and Zoom can be downloaded. Microsoft provides six types of applications that can be downloaded. Including content filtering applications, test "solutions", accessibility applications, effective classroom communication applications, basic diagnosis, management, connectivity and supportability applications and browsers.

Applications such as Spotify and Messenger cannot be installed. This means less interference on Windows 11 SE.

You also cannot change any settings in the system, just like apps. No one can change them except the administrator. The administrator can even wipe the device remotely.

How does it compare with Windows 11?

The main difference between Windows 11 and Windows 11 SE is that Windows 11 is suitable for personal use, while Windows 11 SE is mainly used by students. Windows 11 has no application and setting restrictions. On Windows 11 SE, no one can add applications except the administrator.