By Dervish / Last update December 23, 2021

The Windows 11 system introduced a lot of visual improvements and interaction optimizations, but it was not welcomed by everyone because of many problems. For example, limited user upgrades, unfamiliar and immature new start menus, simplified right-click menus, limited widget systems, and so on. However, this did not stop Microsoft from touting the new operating system, but the Twitter account FireCube asked what a more realistic and honest Windows 11 ad would look like.

Introduce bugs to your desktop

Windows 11 has a variety of "easy-to-use" tools that can "help you" waste screen space and reduce productivity. Coupled with a Microsoft 365 subscription, there is nothing that can cure your "procrastination" to complete the task.

A new way of communication

As long as you can tolerate a web-based 200MB pop-up on the desktop, you can communicate with anyone on Microsoft Teams (but your friends are not on Teams).

Talk to the few people who occasionally use Teams

Teams is a topic that cannot be bypassed. Chat and call have been embedded in the taskbar, and seamlessly integrated into Outlook and Calendar, so you can easily communicate with just a few clicks. Oh, don’t you use Teams or Outlook? That's too bad.

This browser... just another browser



Work, games, shopping, live broadcast, communication, no matter what you want to do, Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 can help you do it with speed and safety (the bloat of predatory capitalism).