By Dervish / Last update January 7, 2022

Earlier, Microsoft pushed an update patch numbered KB5007205 for the Windows Server 2022 system, which will fix the scaling error that previously appeared on some high-resolution screens.


But recently, it was reported that the patch caused a serious failure on Windows Server 2022, which may affect the network security of the system.


It is reported that after this update, some users found that on Windows Server 2022, as long as Windows Server Core is installed, the endpoint security platform (Microsoft Defender for Endpoint) may not run.


It is understood that Microsoft's endpoint security platform function can help corporate users to prevent, monitor, investigate, and respond to high-level threats, which is extremely important for Windows Server 2022, a server system that is mainly aimed at corporate users.


Windows Server is the Windows server operating system that Microsoft first launched in 2003, and Windows Server 2022 is the latest long-term service version of the system.


The good news is that Microsoft has confirmed this bug and responded that it is working on a solution, and this problem will be officially fixed in the new version of the patch that will be released later.