By Dervish / Last update February 9, 2022

What version of Windows are you using now?

Statistics from AdDupplex show that the proportion of users of the official version of Windows 11 has reached 16.1%, which has doubled from November last year, which is more than the latest official version of Windows 10 (21H2).

Of course, the highest global share is still Win10 21H1, with 28.6%, followed by Win10 20H2 (26.3%).

In addition, adding Insiders, Win11 is now about 16.5%.

Double it! Over 230 million people have used Win11: Win10 21H2 Ultimate Edition is embarrassingly behind

This time the statistics only cover Win10 and Win11. According to Microsoft’s statement when it released its financial report this week, there are 1.4 billion active user devices on Win10/Win11. Roughly, the number of users of Win11 has exceeded 230 million.

It seems that although Win11 is complained by some people that the status bar/start menu/right key is not suitable, and has more stringent hardware requirements, after all, the influence of Windows is there.

According to Microsoft, the usage time of Win11 users is 40% higher than that of Win10. I don’t know if it is because it is easy to use and nostalgic, or it is more time wasted on exploration or tossing.