By Dervish / Last update January 13, 2022

It is understood that the first major update of Windows this year is mainly about application software updates. Reports show that Microsoft is pushing new Notepad, Windows Media Player and new image editors for users to experience like more users. At present, Notepad is currently only open to beta channel users, but ordinary users can also experience the new image editor and media player.

As we've seen before, Windows 11 has made drastic improvements in design, and Microsoft has been working hard to make its apps match the new look and feel. When Windows 11 was released, some apps didn't fit so perfectly, like Notepad and the Groove music player, which didn't fit into the Windows 11 UI. Now, Microsoft will bring more new designs, allowing applications to be updated and replaced with new UIs that match the system.

First, let's talk about the new Notepad. This week, Microsoft pushed the new Notepad app in the Beta channel, which means that the new version of Notepad can be installed on Windows 11 Build 22000 or newer. Notepad is still the preferred software for many users on a daily basis. In the new version, it has support for dark mode, a redesigned menu, and a dedicated settings page.

Win11's Notepad retains the familiar layout while introducing WinUI and Fluent Design elements. Notepad now uses rounded corners for context menus, top-level windows, menus, pop-up notifications, finder, and more.

Microsoft has enabled support for WinUI's new icons and new animations in Notepad. Through a dedicated settings page, users can change the font and theme of Notepad, which also includes a dark mode. Users can also modify built-in settings to allow Notepad to access more file types.

After the new version, Notepad became an app that can be updated in the store, and it has its own page in the Microsoft Store.

Notepad is currently only open to beta channel users, but it will be pushed to the public soon.

Let's talk about the new photo app and image editor. Microsoft's newly designed Photos app is now available to everyone, and the accompanying image editor has new features such as new cropping tools, aspect ratio options, and more. In the Photos app, users can easily customize photos, make adjustments to lighting, and use new tagging options.

The cropping tool in the Photos app can now be opened in the image preview interface. Due to the new bottom bar, browsing images in the Photos app can be browsed directly without additional switching.

Finally, a look at the new media player. Microsoft plans to replace Groove Music with an all-new Windows Media Player that is based on Groove Music but can play videos including MKV and MP4.

The new version of the media player is an extremely important update in the Windows built-in player in recent years, and its status is equivalent to the update of Windows Notepad. However, the overall performance and supported video formats of the new media player will not change significantly. This is because the new media player is still based on the concept of Groove Music and Movies and TV Apps, and it does not intend to replace VLC and MPV. A media player known for its powerful performance.