By Dervish / Last update December 28, 2021

The difference between macOS and Windows system

The system is actually just a platform that is convenient for us to use software. The system itself does not have any advantages or disadvantages, but after a number of comparisons, the advantages and disadvantages of each are more obvious.


The Windows system is now a relatively high operating system. Windows applications mostly conform to the CUA standard proposed by IBM, which means that all programs have the same or similar basic appearance, including windows, menus, and toolbars. Users only need to master one of them, and it is not difficult to learn other software. And most of the current application software is developed on the basis of Windows, which makes the work and study of users more convenient.


But it is precisely because there are more users of the Windows system that hackers pay more attention to this system. So despite the great capabilities of the Windows system, the security problems are also serious.


The macOS system is an operating system running on Apple's series of computers, and it is also the first successful graphical user interface operating system in the commercial field. The interface of this operating system is unique, but under normal circumstances it can only be used on a Mac PC and cannot be installed on a normal PC.


However, because the architecture of MAC is different from that of Windows, it is rarely attacked by viruses.


In short, macOS is a dedicated operating system for Apple computers. Its advantages are excellent graphics processing functions, good multimedia functions, and beautiful interfaces. However, the disadvantage is that the application software is far less abundant than the software of the Windows system. Windows series operating systems also have shortcomings, but the advantages are more obvious in comparison, especially its ease of use and rich application software.

How to choose between macOS and Windows system?

I believe that many users will consider the issue of computer system choice when choosing a computer, especially when choosing a laptop. In response to this problem, we must first know what we need to choose a computer, and what both macOS and Windows are suitable for and not suitable for.


Generally speaking, a Windows computer is more suitable for our usual audio-visual entertainment, game entertainment, and of course, it is also suitable for use as a tool computer. However, some professional software is exclusive to the macOS system. When the hardware configuration meets the standard, such as development, design, and post-production work, some software may not be as stable as the macOS system.


Of course, there are more software and more games under the Windows system. The high-intensity office series document office is definitely more suitable for Windows. More importantly, for computers with the same positioning, Windows systems are mostly cheaper than macOS systems.


Apple's macOS system is easier to operate than Windows system logic, and the visual experience is smoother. Because Apple Computer is positioned as a tool computer, its characteristics are suitable for software development and work in the later stages of design. But it is not suitable for playing games, because its system, hardware and supporting software are not designed for games.


For example, the main attack direction of Apple computers with screens is color reproduction and resolution, not the refresh rate required by the game, and the graphics cards are also professional cards, so if our need is to play games, then we still do not choose the macOS system.


Finally, Apple's own "ecological chain" is relatively complete, such as AirDrop transfer files, notepad synchronization content and so on. This seems to be convenient for us a lot, but we also need to know that if we want to get a complete user experience, not only the computer must be Apple's, but the mobile phone must also be Apple's. Therefore, we still need to carefully consider which system to choose.