By Dervish / Last update January 11, 2022

Valve just provided the results of the December 2021 Steam survey. The monitoring of this indicator is quite interesting. Since Steam Play (Proton) was first launched, especially in recent months, due to the announcement of the Steam Deck based on Linux driver, it has attracted more attention about Linux games and attracted more people. Tried Steam Play.

This summer, Steam on Linux (re) crossed the 1.0% threshold, which has been below 1.0% for many years. In November, Steam on Linux reached 1.16%, the highest value for the operating system in recent years. Now in December, it has fallen by 0.05% to 1.11%. This means that the Steam market share owned by Windows has dropped slightly. However, some users report that the DX image efficiency of Windows is twice that of Linux and the game support of Linux is not as good as that of Windows, so the specific experience is still different.

From the year-on-year data, in December 2020, Linux on Steam accounted for about 0.57% of the share, and in December 2019 it was 0.67%.

As Steam Deck devices start to ship later this quarter, and as the handheld game console and Steam Play develop to a better and better state, how does the Steam market share on Linux play in the process of 2022? This will be An interesting phenomenon.

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