By Dervish / Last update January 12, 2022

Microsoft introduced an update to the Windows 11 photo application, which redesigned the photo editor. We received the update today on a production version (non-Insider channel) Windows 11 computer, so we guess that Microsoft should push it to all Windows 11 users in the near future.

Prior to this, Microsoft has pushed a new photo application for Windows 11, which includes some new features and designs, but the actual experience of photo editing has not changed much compared to Windows 10. However, this update is completely different from before. When you click the edit button, you will see the changes immediately. The previous cropping tool is displayed on the side, but now, you can use the controls below the picture to rotate the picture, whether it is flipped vertically or horizontally. If you are a frequent user of photo editors, you may know that previous photo editors can only flip photos horizontally.

This time the photo application editor has also strengthened the cropping control. Now when you select the aspect ratio for cropping, you can immediately select the horizontal or vertical orientation. Before that, you must choose a general aspect ratio, and then use a separate button to choose whether you want it to be landscape or portrait. In addition, when adjusting the crop area, you can now see the exact resolution to which the image is cropped.

In addition, there is another difference that if the user tries to edit a transparent image, the grid background can be seen, indicating that the background is transparent, but you need to know that this happens only when editing the image.

The Windows 11 photo editor update also has some changes on the adjustment tab. Now all the controls are displayed by default, so there is no need to expand any menu options. The "Sharpness" slider has been removed in this update. Currently, there are no red-eye removal and spot repair functions. These missing functions are hoped to be resolved in the update. At the same time, the "Filters" tab has some new filters with new names, which can make the function of each filter clearer.

If you have not received the update for the photo app, please check on the Microsoft Store if there is an update 2021.21120.8011.0 available.

Microsoft also recently started rolling out a major update to the Notepad application to Insiders in the Beta channel. This update debuted on the development channel a month ago, and it includes a new dark mode and other UI changes to match the design language of Windows 11.