By Dervish / Last update January 10, 2022

Word is our most commonly used office software. According to the latest news, Microsoft is introducing a "dark mode" for Word. Currently, Word already supports dark mode for some areas, but not the entire area. Therefore, many interfaces of the current Word software are still displayed in the "bright mode". However, Microsoft is actively making adjustments, and the updated Word will become "dark mode" in an all-round way, just like the "dark mode" of Windows Notepad previously changed.


As some netizens said, Microsoft is currently focusing its work on the dark design of Windows. In the future, users will not only be able to use the dark ribbon bar, but also dark Word documents and all other parts. Microsoft has introduced this dark design for OneNote.

This feature is still in the development stage, so it will take some time for Windows users to enjoy the dark mode. Microsoft seems to be working harder to unify Windows 10 and its own application design, and finally realize a modern design. Microsoft is expected to carry out a comprehensive UI update for Windows 10 codenamed Sun Valley in the fall of 2022. It should modify the file explorer, tablet mode, "operation center" and "start" menu, and provide a unified design.