By Dervish / Last update December 23, 2021

In the new Windows 11 system, Microsoft replaced the "Action Center" with a new "Quick Settings" menu, and notifications were placed in a separate integrated box above the calendar.

In addition, the new quick settings feature of Windows 11 is similar to the quick settings of Windows 10X, which allows you to enable features such as airplane mode without going through the menu or complete Windows setup steps.

Foreign media Windowslatest discovered that Microsoft is developing a new feature that will maintain this setting when you turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in airplane mode. For example, if you manually turn on Bluetooth when your device is in airplane mode, Win11 will remember your option changes and will automatically enable Bluetooth when you switch to airplane mode next time.

The author understands that Microsoft’s current strategy is that if you click on the icon of the small plane in the Win11 quick settings bar, Microsoft will help you close all wireless connections, including data networks (if any), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, etc.

Microsoft officially stated that the new design will help people more easily continue to use the headset and keep in touch with family and friends while traveling.

"Airplane mode" preference

As shown in the figure above, when the user's default settings are saved to the cloud, Windows 11 will also send out a reminder.

Windows 11 notification center is more complete

First of all, the notification center of Windows 11 has moved to the top of the calendar window, and you need to click on the date and time to view the notification list.

However, Microsoft is now carrying out a series of optimizations to improve the experience of the Win11 notification center. In the latest preview update, Microsoft is A/B testing a new feature, that is, three high-priority notifications will be stacked and displayed at the same time.

This will apply to applications that send high-priority notifications, such as alarms, phone calls, etc., as well as other applications that use the Windows notification window to prompt.

In this way, the updated notification center of Windows 11 can reduce the current clutter of all application notifications piled together.

However, Microsoft currently only provides testing functions for a small number of users, and not all testers can experience it. In addition, Microsoft is also trying to provide new customization options for the start menu and taskbar.

It is not yet known when these small upgrades from Microsoft will enter the official version or Beta channels, but I believe it will appear in the next major Windows 11 version, which is expected to be October or November 2022.