By Dervish / Last update December 21, 2021

$74.99 makes you stand out this Christmas. Microsoft has launched an ugly sweater with the theme of Windows game minesweeper on the Xbox Gear Shop.

This is all well done: not only the entire minesweeper level is shaped like a Christmas tree, on the other hand, its mines are in the shape of snowflakes, and there are buttons to shrink the game window and exit the game. In addition, it also has the iconic wavy logo of Windows 3.1. (If you ask why this sweater has "1990" leftover mines, because that refers to the year "Minesweeper" came out.)

This is the second year that Microsoft has launched a Windows-themed sweater. Last year, the organization released three bad sweater plans, one of which relies on the timeless MS Paint application, which looks interesting. In 2020, Microsoft distributed the proceeds of each sweater to Girls Who Code; this year, the organization donated $100,000 to the AbleGamers Foundation to fund disabled gamers.

Microsoft is selling this minesweeper sweater for $74.99-it is $5 more expensive than the one it exited last year. If you also want to own this sweater, then go buy it!