By Dervish / Last update December 23, 2021

Microsoft's domineering behavior aroused the dissatisfaction of many users, and they were also forced to make adjustments under pressure.


In the Windows 11 version change, the application and function pages have been redesigned. This page allows users to configure the default file to open the application, including browser and music player. For the browser, Microsoft has removed an option for all third-party browsers.


Now, if you try to change the default browser to Chrome or Firefox, you will need to manually change the file type for all possible web-related formats. This includes HTM, HTML, HTTP, HTTPS, SHTML, WEBP, SVG, and even PDF. If you forget to tick all the necessary options, you will not be able to use Chrome or Firefox as your default browser.


This kind of complex change is annoying, and users say that Microsoft is trying to force their own preferences. After users discovered this change, Microsoft also received counterattacks from rivals such as Google and Opera.


Fortunately, Microsoft finally decided to restore the complex default browser settings of Windows 11 through a new preview update. In Windows 11 Build 22509, Microsoft quietly enabled a new toggle key that allows you to modify the default browser settings for all network-related file formats/connections, including HTTP and HTTPs.