By Dervish / Last update December 24, 2021

Microsoft's latest Windows operating system imagines a heavenly future, where PC games and console games coexist harmoniously.

Microsoft has a long and interesting relationship with computer games. The organization is related to the PC, which is a platform for more than one billion people to play games. In the past 20 years, Xbox has been one of the most popular game consoles for users, although some game consoles are more popular than others.

In general, PC games and game consoles exist as isolated substances. The former emphasizes high performance; the latter focuses on large-scale availability. All things considered, compared with other companies, Microsoft has a special position and motivation to overcome this problem. Windows 11 may not be able to fully integrate all games into the highly anticipated features, but it is Microsoft's most suitable operating system for games so far. Windows 11 essentially turns your PC into an Xbox, blurring the line between the two stages.

Xbox in the box

After turning on the PC, you can get a large group of powerful game functions. Microsoft's independent Xbox PC application is currently pre-installed with Windows 11. Through the Xbox app, all Windows 11 owners can match their Xbox gaming qualifications with their PCs, party and talk with peers, listen to music, change avatars and track achievements. Using the Game Bar utility, you can capture interesting screenshots and epic videos, as well as monitor the performance of your PC. In addition to supplementing these elements, the Xbox app also provides an attractive motivation to make your PC an essential gaming platform for you.

Using the Xbox app, you can purchase games from a large game library. The different categories make it easy and accurate to find what you are searching for (but unfortunately, there are no games for VR headsets). You can now download the game to any path you need, which makes it easier to modify the game. The Xbox application itself may not be as extensive as Steam, and Steam is still the best PC game market. However, you can purchase games for your PC and Xbox console. In fact, Microsoft's Play Anywhere drive allows the purchase of a game to run in two environments. According to these ideas, if you buy Cuphead or Forza Horizon 5, you can play these games on PC and consoles without additional cost. You don’t need to pay for Xbox Live multiplayer games on your PC.

Game pass changes the rules of the game

Through the Xbox application, all Windows 11 clients can easily access Microsoft’s most important new gaming platform: Xbox Game Pass. Other member management agencies try to become the "Netflix of computer games", but Xbox Game Pass is genuine. Xbox Game Pass starts at $10 a month, allowing you to play an excellent PC game library. For $15 a month, you can also enjoy Game Pass on a game console. The library not only contains every major Microsoft game from Gears 5 to the upcoming Halo Infinite, but also contains many third-party games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and The Forgotten City. However, games will not remain in the service forever, so play them when you own them.

Xbox Game Pass embodies Microsoft's commitment to bringing games everywhere. For the growth of the game crowd, we should reduce barriers to entry. Can't afford the cost of an excellent Xbox Series X? Decided to buy a cheaper Xbox Series S. Similarly, as long as you install it, Microsoft won't care. Windows 11 is basically the fastest and most useful way to enter the ecosystem.

You don’t need a great gaming PC to enjoy the benefits of Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass includes cloud streaming, so as long as your consumer plan PC (or Android phone or previous-generation Xbox) has sufficient network connectivity, you can use it to play games with the highest graphics requirements available. In addition to Game Pass, you can also use the Xbox app to transfer games from your console to your PC.

Please note that the strength of this ecosystem is related to games. Microsoft recently made high-profile acquisitions (most notably Bethesda), but rival organizations Nintendo and Sony still have more solid games on the surface, such as The Legend of Zelda and God of War, limiting their base. Assuming you can’t use the super popular PlayStation 5, you can now enjoy several older PlayStation 4s on your PC, not just through the Xbox app.