By Dervish / Last update December 31, 2021

Microsoft's next big feature "Windows 11 22H2" is expected to be unveiled in the fall of 2021. As an integral part of Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft intends to bring the style of Mica+Fluent to more applications, to improve the existing interface of the operating system.

Fluent Design, as part of the design language of Windows 11 and Windows 10. Its design language is material and light and shadow effects, so it is completely different from the flat appearance of Windows 8. Its popular "Acrylic" (acrylic) special effects are used by most users as the background of menus and dialog boxes.

With the official release of Windows 11, Microsoft is planning to add new designs for its language. This design is categorized as "mica" (mica), which is a turbid fog-like effect that allows the background of the work area to show an off-white glass-like outline through the application window. In fact, it seems like the blur effect of acrylic resin or Windows 7 Aero Glass.

But like acrylic, mica will reduce its effectiveness in power-saving mode or on an old PC. Although it is semi-transparent, it only samples the Windows 11 desktop to create visualizations, so it looks more silky than that of Acrylic.

As of now, Mica cannot be used in all applications, but this may change soon. Because the development team is actively adapting this effect to all programs, not just Windows built-in programs.

Microsoft is currently testing "MicaBackdropInApplicationFrameHostTitlebar", the logo appears in newer builds. As the name suggests, the Windows 11 cloud screen effect will be added to the title bar of software such as "Feedback Center". This may be better for users, because customers do not need to download from the Microsoft Store to get some additional UI upgrades.

Strangely, in the Win32 API of the Windows 11 Build 22523 SDK, users found a novel "tabbed" material. It seems that the Microsoft project team is still trying to use another design material called "Selected", which is said to be an enhancement of mica, or it is very likely a variant of mica.

As you can see from the screenshot of the "System Background Wall Type", the "Tabbed" design material seems to be a dark version of the existing "Mica".