By Dervish / Last update December 24, 2021

Microsoft is trying to add some popular new highlights to the Notepad application, such as dark mode, better search, find, replace interface and better undo, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Although the visual effects such as the addition of the dark mode, the update of the right-click menu and the new Windows theme are all very good. But the update of the Notepad function may be the biggest improvement for those who really have a need for Notepad. In the current Notepad program of Windows 11, the text search tool and the find-and-replace tool are two pop-up windows that can be used through different shortcut keys. In the new update, these two tools are designed as a floating window.

Microsoft also stated that it is adding multi-step undo, which will replace the original system that only allows you to undo one step.

But in the preview we found that another more sad thing is that Word Wrap is still closed. However, it has a new home page in the "View" menu, and users can follow the font button to enter the "Edit" drop-down menu, while the old version of the "Configuration" menu no longer exists. Microsoft seems to be focusing on moderately updating Notepad so that this program no longer looks like an antique, rather than making it a new program with brand-new elements.

If you are running a test version of the operating system but do not see it, you may need to check for updates in the Microsoft Store. Everyone else may have to wait for a while to get it, and I am very happy that Microsoft can keep updated in some built-in applications. For example, notepads, drawings, photos.