By Dervish / Last update December 29, 2021

Windows 11's taskbar simplification is still some time away, but at the same time we will have many more common taskbar highlights to try. One such new component is support for climate gadgets, which is currently being launched for trial use by testers.

Windows 11 is accompanied by a new merge gadget, which is very similar to the "News and Interests" board in Windows 10 now. The widget panel is displayed on the left half of the screen, and is now accompanied by widgets of local elements, such as Microsoft To-Do, Outlook Calendar, Photos, Transportation, and Weather.

The widget board can pull up a larger information panel, which contains the latest features and popular narratives from MSN (Microsoft's news source), including games, legislative issues, related stock stories, upcoming events, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can browse the news in this information panel.

The widget button is currently displayed in the middle of the taskbar, but Microsoft intends to display it on the left. After the update (Build 22518), the real-time climate content will also be displayed on the Windows 11 taskbar. In any case, you can open the widget board by clicking the icon or hovering at the entrance.

You can try the new weather widget in the taskbar by joining the development channel. Despite the new format, you also need another version of the Windows Web Experience Pack, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

What's next for the Windows 11 gadget board

The taskbar widget combination is a small improvement, but there are other things to come.

For example, we look forward to providing third-party tools in 2022, and Microsoft will test this feature in 2022.