By Dervish / Last update January 5, 2022

There are many small programs that allow you to maintain high work efficiency in Windows 11. From Snap Layout to Widgets, these tools and some additional functions are introduced here.

You are probably now putting more effort into your PC. This may be for work or school, or it may be your own entertainment. However, in Windows 11, Microsoft has designed another operating system that can help you make the most of all your time. There are tons of incredible tools and features to help you stay productive.

Use aligned layout

The top of the list in the figure is the alignment layout in Windows 11. This is a new feature in Windows 11 that can align the windows opened by the user to different sides of the screen. There are six different ways to capture open applications, so you can place more content on the screen at a random time. You can use the Windows key and Z key to capture. Then, choose a layout. It can be next to each other, in a section, or on the network, such as the Microsoft logo. When you leave the screen, Snap Layouts allows you to adapt to more work on the screen.

Shift+F10 menu for more choices

Another new feature in Windows 11 is the simplified context menu, which is what you see when you right-click on something. These menus are designed to give you quick access to copying and gluing. However, if you want to select more options, you need to select "Show more options". All things considered, to save some time, just click the Shift and F10 keys on the console, and then right-click to view these options.

Change the display scale to fit more screens

We discussed Snap Layouts as a way to put more things on the screen, and we have another trick to change your display ratio. You can do this by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting Display Settings. Then find the Scale option and lower it. A lower ratio means more things can be placed on your screen!

Save time with voice input

Have you ever had a conversation with your PC? Taking all factors into consideration, in Windows 11, it is easier to talk to your Windows 11 PC by voice. You can speak your question aloud without writing your sentence. This can help you save time during a busy day, because you can perform various tasks and accomplish different things on your PC while reading, so that anyone can hear what you want to say. You can collect speech synthesis in Windows 11 by pressing the Windows key and H at the same time on a non-console. You can click the microphone button to start speaking, and then click again to stop.

Use gadgets

The last method we recommend is to let you use Windows 11 widgets. Click the fourth icon on the left in the taskbar to access the widget. You can see sports scores, news, traffic, weather and other information here.

How will you stay productive on Windows 11?

Of course, there are many other ways to keep you productive on Windows 11. But the five methods provided in this article are also effective ways to keep you efficient. If you can benefit from it, then I will be very happy.