By Dervish / Last update January 18, 2022

For some apps you use a lot, you might want to pin it to the top for quick access and save yourself the step of switching back and forth between windows. I introduce you to PowerToys, the open source tool that keeps apps on the top of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

PowerToys allows users to always pin their frequently used applications on top in Windows, regardless of whether you have other applications open. And for Windows built-in programs, Windows Calculator is one of the apps that supports "always on top", and if you use PowerToys, you can have all apps on top, whether they're built-in apps or third-party apps.

Clear and easy to understand

You can use this feature in PowerToys 0.53.1 by pressing Win + Ctrl + T to activate it, but you can only activate it when PowerToys is started. Because PowerToys isn't built into Windows after all, it only runs when it starts in the background.

If you want to customize your visual profile, go to PowerToys settings. In the settings, users can customize the outline of the application window and use a different color or turn the outline off entirely.

The PowerToys advanced settings page even allows users to exclude some apps from this new multitasking feature. You can exit PowerToys Always on Top simply by closing the application window or using the above keyboard shortcuts.

PowerToys Run

"PowerToys Run" finally supports web search, a feature similar to macOS Spotlight. While PowerToys Run is currently limited to local search results, it has been updated to support web search.

If you were to ask me which is faster PowerToys Run or Windows Search, I would choose the former. What's more, PowerToys Run is also able to search the web. If the user only needs to use the PowerToys Run network engine function, then can enter? To filter query results? When in your search query, PowerToys will only show results from the web.

You can download PowerToys v0.53 now from GitHub.