By Dervish / Last update January 7, 2022

Recently, some users have discovered that when accessing IE browser on Windows 10, a pop-up window will appear suggesting users to use the Edge browser.

The pop-up window will inform the user that the IE browser is being eliminated, and it is recommended that the user use the Edge browser for a better browser experience.


In fact, after the first release of Windows 11 in June this year, Microsoft has determined that Internet Explorer will be abandoned in Windows 11 and will use the Edge browser as the new default browser.


Microsoft announced on May 19 that Internet Explorer will be withdrawn from the market next year. Most versions of Windows 10 will no longer support Internet Explorer, and will be replaced by the newer, faster, and more secure Edge browser. Microsoft currently promotes Edge in the browser. This product was launched in 2015 and has the same basic technology as Google's Chrome browser. Microsoft recommends that users who are still using IE change their browsers before next summer.

IE was launched in 1995 and is the web browser that originally came with Windows. At its peak, IE occupied 90% of the market and defeated most of its competitors. However, with the rise of competing products such as Google's Chrome browser and Apple's Safari browser, the IE browser has gradually become lonely. For this reason, Microsoft has launched the Edge browser to compete with Chrome and Safari.


It is reported that starting from August 17, 2021, some Microsoft applications and services will no longer support the latest IE11 browser, and on June 15, 2022, IE11 desktop programs will officially begin to retire.


However, after this, the LTSC (long-term service channel) of Windows 10 will continue to include the IE browser, and support for IE mode will be at least until 2029.