By Dervish / Last update January 14, 2022

Some users want to install the Win11 dual system on Mac on Apple computers, but they have encountered compatibility problems and are limited by TPM. I wonder if they can install mac win11 on an Apple computer? What is the way to bypass the TPM limitation? The mac avoids the method of installing win11 restricted by TPM.

First, if you purchase a Mac computer before 2016 or after 2021, it is certain that Windows 11 will not be applicable. In addition, for M1 or later M1X and M2 CPUs, the probability of using Windows 11 is estimated to be even smaller. If you have a Mac computer in your hand or use an Intel CPU, the "Windows 11 Compatibility Test Tool" will still show that the computer does not meet the Windows 11 system requirements before you execute it. You may be able to avoid the test according to the following methods.

Install Windows 11 on Mac step by step

The actual way to bypass the TPM limit is as follows:

1. First go to Microsoft to download the genuine ISO image of win11, then double-click the mouse to initialize the Windows 11 ISO image file according to the macOS system, create an empty folder on the macOS desktop, and copy all the Windows 11 installation files to the folder.

2. After the material is copied, preload the Windows 11 ISO image file, immediately open the Finder and click on the left to exit the Windows 11 ISO image file.

3. Double-click the mouse to initialize the Windows 10 ISO image file immediately. After entering the "Sources" folder, copy the "Install.wim" file inside to the desktop. After copying, the Windows 10 ISO image file can be preloaded (because the file size is 4.79 GB, which is not convenient to share immediately).

4. Open the "Windows 11 ISO" folder you just created on the macOS desktop, click the "Sources" folder, delete the "Install.wim" file immediately, and put the Windows 10 Install.wim file you just copied into it. During the process, you will have to enter your macOS username for verification.

5. Finally, use the ISO production tool to convert the folder into an ISO file, which can be made by using AnyToISO.

6. After making a special Windows 11 ISO image file for Mac, you don't have to worry about being limited by TPM 2.0 and making it impossible to install. You can also use Mac to install Windows 11 based on BootCamp, and the whole installation process will not jump out incorrectly.

The above is how to install the Win11 system on Mac to avoid TPM restrictions. Friends who have encountered similar problems can refer to the example tutorial for operation.