By Dervish / Last update January 14, 2022

After upgrading the win11 system, a small partner encountered the problem of the computer mouse drifting automatically, especially when the window was dragged and dropped quickly. This may be caused by the related process of TPM, or it may be software that conflicts with the computer mouse. Let's deal with it together.

How to solve the automatic drift of win11 computer mouse:

Method 1

1. First, right-click "This PC" and open "Manage"

2. Then proceed to the "Task Program Library" - "Microsoft" - "Windows" folder in succession.

3. Then look for "TPM" in the directory on the left, and click to view.

4. After entering, right-click on the top task and "disable" it.

Method 2

1. If the task or mouse drift is disabled, it may be a software conflict.

2. According to user feedback, this may be caused by "translucent TB". Right-click and "exit" it can handle mouse drift.

If the above two methods cannot solve the problem, then it is very likely that your computer mouse is broken.