By Dervish / Last update January 11, 2022

For Google, it seems natural to create a unified ecological experience between Android and Chrome, but at CES 2022, Google stated that it will work to make the cross-platform setup, connection and sharing experience between non-Apple devices more seamless.


Google intends to open the existing Fast Pair and Chromecast functions to more products, while also making sharing operations between Android phones and computers easier. Google will cooperate with Acer, HP and Intel to bring this feature to Windows computers, so that users’ Android phones can be quickly paired with computers. After connection, users can conveniently set up Bluetooth, synchronize information and use Nearby Share Operations such as sharing files. This improvement will be the first to land on some Windows products later this year.

Fast Pair will also land on TVs and other smart devices in the future. In the next few weeks, some Chromebooks will add the ability to automatically detect nearby Fast Pair headsets, allowing users to complete the connection with just one click. New Chromebook products launched later this year will also make initial settings easier. Users only need to connect it to an Android phone to directly import information such as Google accounts and Wi-Fi passwords. Google said that in the next few months, Fast Pair will be open to Google TV and Android TV, and this feature will also apply to new Matter IoT products.

Google will open cast to more brands in the future, making sharing between devices as easy as AirDrop and AirPlay. Google is also preparing a technology for Bluetooth headsets that enables it to automatically switch connected devices according to the scene. On the whole, Google's above move is to replicate the Apple AirPods experience on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.