By Dervish / Last update December 28, 2021

Google plans to launch the Google Play Games application next year, which will allow games in the Google Play Store to run on laptops, tablets, and Windows PCs. Verge wrote that with its help, players will be able to restore games on desktop computers to Android devices.


Greg Hartrell, Director of Android and Google Play Games Products, introduced the publication. He said that starting in 2022, Android users will be able to enjoy their favorite games by switching between mobile phones, tablets, Chromebooks and subsequent Windows PCs. Hartrell said that the new application will bring the best of the Google Play Store to laptops and personal computers.


The company stated that the application was developed by itself — therefore, Google did not collaborate with Microsoft, BlueStacks or other companies when it was created, Verge pointed out.


Hartrell said that the company's new application will support Windows 10 and later.

A few months after Microsoft began testing the compatibility of Android applications with Windows 11, Google’s plan became widely known. To this end, the company has developed a core Windows subsystem for Android that can run Android applications from various sources. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has embarked on this path after reaching a cooperation agreement with Amazon, which will allow Windows users to install applications from the Amazon App Store. Verge wrote that the operating system will not support the official Google Play.