By Dervish / Last update December 24, 2021

Compared with Windows 11 and Windows 10, there are five major changes, which will be introduced in turn

One: "Start" menu bar is centered

The new Windows 11 operating system uses a Mac-like desktop design, moving the classic start menu between the screen and the taskbar. Of course this can be adjusted. If you are more accustomed to the classic "Start" menu on the left, you can also set it back. At the same time, the interface of Windows 11 is softer. Compared with Windows 10, Windows 11 adopts a rounded corner design and desktop style, which is a bit similar to Apple's MacOS. Of course, good design can be used as a reference!

Two: Windows 11 can download Android applications

In other words, this is something that Windows users have been waiting for for many years. Now this feature is implemented in Windows 11. In Windows 11, you can download Android applications to your computer. Specifically, Android applications can enter Windows 11 in the Microsoft store through the Amazon App Store, which also marks the way for Windows 11 to merge with mobile and laptop devices.

Three: Windows11 brings better virtual desktop support

Windows 11 brings users an easier way of virtual desktops, which can easily switch back and forth between multiple desktops, and use them at will for personal, work, study, and entertainment. You should know that this is more difficult to set up in the Windows 10 system. Therefore, compared with Windows 10, Windows 11 is easier and more convenient to create and switch between different virtual interfaces.

Four: stronger touch screen, voice and stylus support

In fact, Microsoft's goal is to make Windows 11 run on a tablet computer easier to use than Windows 10. Therefore, the Windows11 system brings a more complete touch experience, while adding gestures to the taskbar icon gap, and adding more reserved space. Windows 11 also provides a digital pen tactile experience, that is, you can feel the vibration when you use the digital pen to take notes or draw. Windows 11 also adds voice command input to the entire system, which is different from Windows 10.

Five: Windows11 more Xbox additional features, better gaming experience

Windows 11 brings some technical additional features to Xbox, which can achieve a better gaming experience, such as Auto HDR and Direct Storage. These technical additional features can improve the gaming experience on Windows PCs.

The above are the five major differences between Windows 11 and Windows 10. Microsoft will stop Windows 10 technical support in 2025. At that time, everyone can only choose the version above Windows 10!