By Dervish / Last update January 20, 2022

Most Windows 10 don't have Ultimate Performance Mode

Although it is said to be amazing, when most of the friends open "Settings" → "System" → "Power and Sleep" → "Other Power Settings", they can't see any changes. What the hell is this? Is someone fooling us?

In fact, the so-called "super performance mode" is only available for the enterprise version and the workstation version, which means that the traditional home version, commercial version, professional version, or various beta versions and internal beta versions are all invisible. But this does not mean that the general public cannot experience its existence. As long as a small setting is required, it can be made to appear every second!

How to get "Ultimate Performance Mode" to work

1. First click on the Cortana search box, enter "powershell", right-click in the pop-up "Windows PowerShell" and select "Run as administrator";

2. Next, enter the code powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61, if everything is correct, the screen will display the words "Power Scheme GUID: 94c20bea-589d-4c59-8bba-8039c544288d (Ultimate Performance Mode)", At this point, we have successfully turned on the "Ultimate Performance Mode".

After successful opening, open "Settings" → "Power Options" again, and you will be able to see the new "Ultimate Performance Mode" option, which Microsoft describes as "providing excellent performance on higher-end computers".

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Judging from the test results on the Internet, this so-called "Ultimate Performance Mode" is not in vain. If you are using a desktop computer, and you also value performance, then you might as well turn on this new mode. After all, in addition to the performance differences, the name sounds relatively tall. However, it is not recommended for notebook users. After all, the improvement of performance often means that the power consumption is greatly increased, unless the notebook is automatically switched to the excellent performance mode when it is plugged in. You must know that a laptop is not a desktop computer after all, and performance is not the most important thing. In many cases, battery life is still the first priority.